Five Manifestos

We live in a world of different cultures, mental fights and a lot of differences. It’s a certain that everyday we won’t feel inspired or happy with the circumstances, so we must thank God or whenever we do to keep us fighting and going. Here are a list of manifestos to help you to improve:

It’s just to remind you about the important things from life. Sometimes bad decisions make good stories. It means: give a break to your brain, do things your love, get the opportunities and achieve more.

That’s all and feel free to get inspired!

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Just Bought it (JavaScript: The Good Parts)

It’s been a long since I want this book, but today it was in a good price in Portuguese (pt-br) and I couldn’t resist. I read a lot of reviews about it and I think there’s no way to be a bad book, just because the author: Douglas Crockford. He’s one of the most skilled guys around the globe when the subject is Javascript.

Have you read it before? What did you think? I hope to post my impressions soon.

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Just some capture…

Just some capture…

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How to “not” start a company

Today, while reading Dave Winer post (How to compete with the big guys) about competing with the big guys I thought the following issue: “Wasn’t and other services created to support the big one a mistake?”. 

You may be asking yourself: “What do you mean?” Nowadays, to start a small company seems to be easier (do not generalize), but we’ve got a lot of good free resources and opportunities.

Supporting big companies (Twitter, Facebook and others…) as did could be a big mistake (Tweetdeck went in the right direction!) in my opinion. I think the main reason is giving them two opportunities: buying you (it may not be so bad, see Tweetdeck case) or giving them a big idea on how to incorporate your service.

In my opinion, I think is a big risk you take. Remember Twitter recent change (Twitter adds URL shortening service). What about url shorteners? How will they survive now? As I know, the main reason for url shorteners existence is Twitter. Isn’t it? So let’s go…

I wouldn’t like to be an investor or the guys who put money in services like that. It’s a big deal. What are you gonna do now? Could it be just a matter of time for people to stop adopting service  and others?

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